We think it is important to share something dear to our hearts as it gives us our purpose.

Things that matter to us (Our Guiding Principles):

We want a vibrant culture where employees love coming to work every single day

  • At Payabli, employees treat each other with respect, can prosper monetarily, and are constantly learning and achieving self efficacy¬†¬†¬†
  • Employees form strong friendships with colleagues
  • A sound work-life balance is not encouraged it’s required
  • We hire good people: integrity, intelligence, fun, and caring are qualities we seek out in employees
  • We want all of our employees to be successful in numerous facets of life; we will invest in their development with programs such as:¬†
      • Personal Finance and money management¬†
      • Fitness and mindfulness¬†
      • Goal fulfillment and self efficacy¬†
      • Continued education
      • Giving back

We want to woo our customers and in turn we want them to write us love letters

  • We purposely go out of our way to make clients feel loved
  • Employees are guided by wanting rather than needing to help, going above and beyond to serve customers comes as second nature¬†
  • We use the Payabli ‚ÄúDeal Paradigm‚ÄĚ as a blueprint for every partnership: Fair share of value, proportional share of risk, and alignment of upside incentive
  • We are selective with which customers we take on, quality is more valued than quantity

We want to build a sustainable organization that has a strong sense of purpose and is long term in thinking 

  • We want our reputation to proceed ourselves and as a result be the premier PAAS (Payments as a Service) product in the Industry¬†
  • We want to be a ‚ÄúSmall Giant‚ÄĚ where we have control of our destiny and to not cave to external pressures to grow and compete¬†¬†¬†
  • We covet and protect our reputation our word is bond